The fastest way to build Angular + Firebase apps

How to setup and deploy

1 - Create a new scaffolding project and generate it

2 - Download the generated code

3 - Configure Firebase

3.1 - Create a Firebase project at the Firebase Console.

3.2 - Enable Firestore Database

3.3 - Enable Storage

3.3 - Enable Email/Password sign-in:

3.4 - Add the Firebase project id to the '<project-folder>/.firebaserc'.

3.5 - Configure the client side account's credentials:

3.6 - Configure the server side account credentials:

3.7 - Configure email sender (Optional): In order to be able to send user invitation emails you need the SMTP credentials configured. It's optional, if you don't have it configured the app just won't send the emails.

4 - Setup project dependencies

4.1 - Download and install NodeJS

Go to, download and install 8.11.4v of NodeJS.

4.2 - Open the console at the project folder

4.3 - Update de NPM

npm install -g npm

4.3 - Install firebase-tools globally

npm install -g firebase-tools

4.4 - Login at firebase-cli and add the project

firebase login

4.5 - Open the 'frontend' folder and run:

npm run deploy

4.6 - Open the 'backend' folder and run:

npm run deploy

5 - Open the application at the URL informed after first deploy